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The Crazy Crocs

If you are between 3 to 6 years old come and join us in our Crazy Crocs preschool room. We have an "open door" for the children to be in or outside as they choose.

We believe that helping children to prepare for the next challenge of school is important. Children are also supported with social competence, where they learn skills to support their interactions with others as well as participating and contributing to the running of the room. Self management and independence skills are encouraged throughout the day, encouraging children to dress themselves, find their own belongings and put them away and be responsible for their own lunch box

Mat times are a time where children enjoy songs, dancing, stories, share news and lots of learning takes place. Our programme is designed to incorporate early literacy and numeracy skills into our everyday practice and play. Children learn in a fun way, which enables them to be responsible for their own learning. They then become confident and competent learners.

Transition to school

We aim to make the transition to school a positive one for your child and family. We have built excellent relationships with the local schools and have good communication systems in place. We currently provide school visits to Greenpark school once a fortnight for the oldest children in the group, who are getting ready to start school. One teacher takes four children at a time to experience school life. These are in addition to the school visits you will get to do with your child. These are very popular with the children and have proven to be very successful in helping children to transition to school with confidence and excitement!

Children in the preschool bring their own lunchbox. We follow the healthy heart and are hot on oral health, having won the BOP Oral Health week competition twice and coming second another time, so we love to see healthy food coming to The Tot Spot. We also like to care for our children who are allergic to nuts so appreciate all families complying with the "No Nut" policy.

We are here to support you and your family as together we prepare your child for the wonderful and exciting journey toward school life and future learning.

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Transition to school