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The Messy Monkey's

The youngest members of the Tot Spot family are found in our Messy Monkey's room. We have a team of dedicated and loving teachers who are ready to care for, and nurture the development of your baby.

  • We predominantly run the room at a ratio of 1 teacher to 3 children, this is a higher teacher ratio than the legally required 1:5
  • While we don't follow a primary caregiver structure in the Messy Monkey's, we do respect the relationships the children develop with teachers, and will recognise these bonds when a child is in emotional need.
  • We provide nappies and all meals.

Our day is simply structured, with the focus remaining on each child's specific needs and routine.

  • Morning tea is at 9:30, lunch at 11:30 and afternoon tea at 2:30
  • For babies who sleep at these times, their food is kept for them.
  • We offer our babies free indoor/outdoor flow for most of the day. We have a large outdoor area and sandpit specifically for our babies. For our immobile infants we ensure some time during their day is spent experiencing the outdoor environment.
  • A very short mat time is held prior to morning tea. Songs and books feature throughout our day, but this is one specific time when we can gather and enjoy some songs as a group.

Transitioning a baby into the early childhood environment requires a gradual progression of exposure.

  • We recommend a three week process to ensure your baby is emotionally protected during their separation from Mum and Dad.
  • During week one of the transition we welcome you and your child to come and play with us at any time that suits you. Come and experience our environment together.
  • In the second week we suggest you visit and leave your child with us for a short period of time to give them the opportunity to experience saying good bye and exploring without you.
  • Then in the third week the visits should coincide with the time your child would sleep. This will allow your child to be exposed to our sleep room environment, while still only visiting for a short period of time.
  • This introduction to our centre will provide the best possible start for your child's acclimatisation to early childhood education.

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