The Tot Spot


The Messy Monkey's

The youngest members of the Tot Spot family start their journey in our Messy Monkey's room. We have a team of dedicated and loving teachers who are ready to care for and nurture the development of your baby.

Throughout the Centre we provide each child with a key teacher who does their primary caregiving. This is especially evident in our infant room, where the key teacher will take care of your child’s needs from eating and sleeping to changing nappies and spending time engaging with them and encouraging them with exciting activities.

We offer our babies free indoor/outdoor flow for most of the day. We have a large outdoor area and sandpit specifically for our babies. For our immobile infants we ensure some time during their day is spent experiencing the outdoor environment.

We do our best to follow your child’s home routine and have a separate sleep room enabling our infants to sleep whenever they need to. If you have any questions about your infant’s routine, or concerns about how they will settle in, please come and see us. We would love to chat with you and help you through the whole process.

Our fantastic Cook is dedicated to providing our children with healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for our infants and toddlers. We encourage our children to eat fruits and vegetables, teaching them the importance of looking after ourselves. We also provide all nappies and wipes.

Hang around with the Messy Monkey's

Messy Monkeys Room