The Tot Spot


The Zooming Zebra's

Our room is full of energenetic, mischevious and enthusiastic toddlers who soak up our learning activities like sponges. We provide daily learning experiences with an early education programme that incorporates a balance of :

  • Group time
  • Individual time
  • Mat time
  • Free time
  • Opportunities to share stories as a group
  • One-to-one experiences

Our strong child focus means that the structured activities planned daily are also designed to extend current shared interests within the group, but offer opportunities for us to introduce new ideas and skills.

We believe that that the abilities to communicate and socialize are essential skills for children to develop so we encourage them to participate in group activities to assist in developing these skills.

We place great importance on the children's learning through play, recognizing specific interests, strengths and abilities.

Our goal in the Zooming Zebras is for an environment of open communication where parents, family and caregivers feel comfortable discussing their child's achievements and concerns for their children with the staff.

Starting at The Tot Spot

Parents and family are welcome to come into the centre at any time and are encouraged to stay for as long as they deem necessary. We encourage visits before your child starts and these can be at times that suit you and can involve:

  • You and your child staying together
  • Dropping your child off for a short visit
  • Visiting over a meal time
  • Visiting for mat times


Children transition to our room when they are 2 years old, or earlier if they are confident enough, ready to cope with change and require a more stimulating environment. Children are assessed for their readiness by the Messy Monkey team and in consultation with the child's family. Once they are deemed ready we start with short visits and a team member from the Messy Monkeys will accompany them if they require it. Each child is different so they are monitored continuously during their transition to ensure they are secure, thriving and have a sense of belonging to their new environment.

When they are 3 to 31/2years old they start transitioning to the Crazy Crocs room. The process is similar to the above.

What's on in the Zooming Zebras

Zooming Zebras at play