The Tot Spot


The Zooming Zebra's

Our room is full of energetic, mischievous and enthusiastic toddlers. We place great importance on the children's learning through play, recognising specific interests, strengths and abilities. We have a well resourced environment with carefully planned, open ended learning experiences. This combination allows every individual to feel nurtured and supported in a learning journey that is unique to them.

When your child starts or transitions to this room, they will be given a new key teacher who will help, support and guide them to learn new routines, gain confidence in the setting and begin to feel a sense of belonging.

Toileting is a huge step for little ones and should only be started when they are showing a keen interest and readiness. When you and your child are ready to start, their key teacher will work closely with you to ensure consistency for your child.

Our fantastic Cook is dedicated to providing our children with healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for our infants and toddlers. We encourage our children to eat fruits and vegetables, teaching them the importance of looking after ourselves. We also provide all nappies and wipes.

What's on in the Zooming Zebras

Zooming Zebras at play